Project 11

Finished Borewell #11 on June 2019

Sundarayya Nagar, Mulkal Pally, Palwancha 507115, Bhadradi Kothagudem District (Telangana)
Impacted families 250 (1000 people approximately)
When I found out how the people in the village are getting water for their daily use for drinking, cleaning and washing clothes etc., I was so horrified. They have to walk more than 2 kilometers and dig holes and collect water from the ditches. Next day again they go to their sites to collect water. It was a daily ritual. Whole family is involved in this ritual.
People living in this area are poor and uneducated. There is no literacy. All are daily wage workers. They spend most of their time digging holes and collecting water.
We live in 21st century. We have to help these people to make their lives a little better.

Before Drilling the Borewell

After Drilling the Borewell

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